This section contains many of the frequently asked questions we recieve by e-mail on a daily basis, please take the time to look through them prior to contacting us.


  • Q. Do you ship to overseas countries.
  • A. Yes, but bear in mind that postage rates will differ from country to country.
  • Q. My goods have not arrived and it's been two weeks since completing the transaction.
  • A. Squaddiekit currently use Royal Mail as its preferred carrier and they do not deem a package lost until 15 days from the day of posting.
  • Q. Can I collect my goods in person to save on postage.
  • A. Yes, at a time and date arranged between Squaddiekit and the Buyer.


  • Q. I won an auction but when I received the item it did not fit, can I send it back.
  • A. No, You bid for the item in an auction and the sizes would be clearly stated in the item description (However Squaddiekit will help if possible).
  • Q. You have sent me the wrong goods / item is damaged.
  • A. Not a problem. Im sorry for the mistake, please send it back by Royal Mail Standard parcel complete with your name and address and details of the product and we will be happy to sort it out for you.


  • Q. If I use “Buy it Now” does it mean I have to pay now.
  • A. Yes, because you have purchased the item rather than bidding before ending the auction.
  • Q. Once an auction has started will you accept a buy it now offer.
  • A. No, our policy is that once an auction has started it runs it's course, this is to give everyone a sporting chance.
  • Q. I have seen an item that I would like to bid on but I don't get paid until the end of the month, if I win can I pay at the end of the month.
  • A. No, if you can't afford the item don't bid.


  • Q. I have spotted some Oakley Sunglasses on your site and I intend bidding on them but I want two pairs can you help.
  • A. On certain items we could most certainly help depending on the item and availability, the best thing to do is ask.


  • Q. I have just been discharged from the Army and have some surplus kit I want to get rid of would you be interested.
  • A. We are always on the look out for stock as long as it is clean, serviceable and above board. EMAILS
  • Q. I have tried to contact you by both phone and e-mail but i have not recieved any messages in return.
  • A. As you can appreciate we have a large customer base. We aim to answer all e-mails within 12 working hours of recieving them. We currently do not run a customer services telephone system at this time.


  • Q. How will i know if my medals have arrived safely?
  • A. As soon as they arrive you will be notified via e-mail or phone.
  • Q. When will they be ready?
  • A. When will i receive the medals you will be notified of how long they will take. We do offer a same day service, this is at extra cost.
  • Q. Will you notify me when you dispatch them?
  • A. Yes as soon as they are ready, you will be informed.
  • Q. I require my medals ASAP can you help?
  • A. Not a problem we offer a faster mail service and a same day policy at extra cost.
  • Q. Are all ribbons renewed?
  • A. Yes they are all replaced.
  • Q. Do you clean the medals?
  • A. Only the silver ones, the UN and NATO medals are self cleaning.
  • Q. Do you stock all of the ribbons?
  • A. Most of the ribbons yes. The more specialist medals require 1-2 days. Phone for more details.
  • Q. What’s the difference between swing mounting and court mounting?
  • A. Court mounted medals are placed on buckram board which makes them rigid and swing mounted medals are suspended from the brooch via a ribbon.
  • Q. Where did you learn your skills?
  • A. We employ a military tailor of which has 20 years experience.
  • Q. Are your medals in anyway glued?
  • A. No glue or double sided tape is used, they are 100% stitched. Beware of imitations.


  • Q. What do you get when i use your no. 1 dress uniform hire service?
  • A. You get all this in your hire:
  • 1 x No.1 dress tunic patrol pattern OR
  • 1x No.1 dress trousers
  • 1x Gold Aguillette
  • 1 x White Plastic belt with brass buckle
  • 1 x Pair of white cotton parade gloves
  • Q. How much does this cost?
  • A. This service costs £45.00, with £100 fully refundable deposit. Additional costs may apply. please e-mail for further details.
  • Q. What badges am i entitled to wear?
  • A. When hiring the uniform you will receive proffesional advise from a military tailor with regards to badges, accoutrements as well as fitting of the uniform
  • Q. How long can i rent them for?
  • A. Standard rental is 3 weeks, if you require additional time, additional costs will apply.
  • Q. Where is the hire service based?
  • A. We are currently based in Colchester Garrison. Please contact us for further information:

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