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H39 is a military costumier and adviser to film, television and theatre. We specialise in the hire and making-to-hire of period costume for professional productions. We offer unique insights from modern perspectives and a vast knowledge of history in this sector. Specialising in 20th century military dress uniforms.

Details are crucial to our work. Quality and accuracy can never be sacrificed; this is a firm rule that applies to any costume; be it a single item or clothing for a cast of thousands. The same level of service and attention to detail is applied to everything we do.

We are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about this service. Our team has over 90 years of combined military experience. Our Tailors and Dressmakers faithfully reproduce the original cut of garments so that the authenticity of a costume is guaranteed.

We have supplied, film, tv and stage productions within the UK for the past 20 years. As a military prop house, we rent, sell and wholesale all our items to remain flexible to any budget a project may have from an independent to a Hollywood Block Buster.

We stock a large selection of military uniforms, Army vehicles, and tentage of different eras including Vietnam, Falklands, WW1 & WW2, to name a few.

    In addition to being a prop house we can offer the following services within this sector
  • We are specialists in the British Army from WW1.
  • We specialise in formal uniforms
  • We can advise in all aspects of WW1-Modern day
  • We can provide first hand advisors on aspects of Iraq and Afghanistan
    We have worked with / provided merchandise for various televison, below is a small selection.
  • BBC, British Broardcasting (non disclosure)
  • BBC, British Broadcasting, Sherlock BBC Series
  • BBC, British Broadcasting, Our Girl BBC Series
  • 20th Century Fox, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

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