Glass - Sand Carving / Blasting

Sandcarving is a process which allows you to carve into materials such as glass, rock, large stone, wood, and some soft metals. This is done by using a sandblaster, and a high powered one is usually required which is known as a Pressure Pot. The pressure pot sandblaster has more psi (pressure per square inch) blasting power because the air pressure and abrasive is contained in a sealed “pot” or container.

We offer this as the only option for all our glass products, it takes more time but we think the outcome is fantastic and should be he only method used on glassware.

The Examples below show a deep engraving with a colour infill being applied, this prides a real wow factor



*These are what we can standard engraved, engraving without a colour fill applied and has a very traditional classic, clean engraved look.