A4 40 Page Nirex folder/Nirex document holder

A4 40 Page Nirex folder/Nirex document holder

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The A4 NYREX FOLDER is needed by just about every member in the British Armed Forces

Manufactured by UK Outdoor Manufacturing (UKOM) 100% in the UK

40 pages allowing you to carry loads more information than the standard 20 page book

The A4 Orders book is needed by all NCO's and above, especially instructors who give lessons in the field.

It is a must have item for Range Conducting Officers(RCO's) to keep their RASP's and EASP's in.

This book is fully waterproof and not only suits members of the Armed Forces it is also ideal for anyone who works outside or is involved in the Outdoor industry.

With 40 pages it allows you to keep 80 sides of information within the book

This sized Orders book is a must on any Promotion or command course.

Green cover with clear plastic sleeves

This style of book is used by a range of outdoor enthusiasts and Law Enforcement / Emergency Services