Create your own - Rank slide - bespoke

Create your own - Rank slide - bespoke

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  • Create your own Rank slide with this unique patch quote builder,
  • for more accurate quotes on over 100 patches please email:
  • Make your choices from the drop down boxes above.
  • Availabe in over 15 colours per design
  • Please provide a sketch or digital design, in the upload section
  • Available only for online purchase

Please note Designing your own Products.

You dont have to be a graphic designer to use this function , we will do that without a setup charge, the very minium we need is a picture or a johnny aged 5 sketch of what you would like, the best would be a vector design of the logo/design thats required. But we accept everything inbetween. if you have 2/34 images you would like to mash up, send these to and quote your order number after purchase.

This listing is to make bespoke rank slides, that you cant find anywhere else, of course within reason. Like the ones pictured. This doesnt include vintage scottish embroidered tartan rank slides. but more aimed towards regimental police or skill at arms Cpl REME Rank slide, that type of thing