Lightweight Plastic Blank Battle Slate Cards with Ring Binder (various sizes)

Lightweight Plastic Blank Battle Slate Cards with Ring Binder (various sizes)

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  • Choose the size of your pack of Slate Cards with ring binder
  • Size: A5 & A6
  • Double sided
  • Slate cards allow you to write information in any weather conditions. With these you are able to write Patrol Reports, Sketch Maps, Range Cards, recording information at O Groups, etc etc (The list is endless).
  • These blank cards can be used in any weather conditions in hostile environments, exercise, adventure training or just on camp.
  • These cards are suitable for all ranks in all arms and services. And for those using the printed cards its always worth having some blank cards spare to take down any extra information.
  • These cards are 100% UK Manufactured and alongside being a waterproof weatherproof solution to taking notes and recording information the cards are virtually unbreakable, flexible and lightweight. These cards will last you a lifetime.

Using the cards

Any type of pen or pencil can be used on the cards and a normal rubber can be used Pencils are ideal however permanent markers work fine and an alcohol based cleaning solution is advised to give the cards a good clean.

These cards are also ideal to be used by a range of outdoor enthusiasts and Law Enforcement / Emergency Services.