Printed Flag - Make your own (upload your design)

Printed Flag - Make your own (upload your design)

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Digital printing offers the capability of printing just one flag, it also allows the flexibility of printing large quantities of flags at short notice.

Why Choose a printed flag

  • Excellent value, minimal set up costs
  • Normally a fast turnaround so you don’t miss that event
  • Excellent print definition, superior vibrancy and fabulous bright colours.
  • High quality product

Who uses Printed Flags

  • The most popular type of flag used by many organisations
  • People who wish to advertise their business and create awareness
  • Large sports events organisers
  • Someone who wishes to offer a happy present to a family member


  • We digitally print using high end top quality inks
  • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists
  • Varying sizes available please choose from dropdown

Please note Designing your own Products.

You dont have to be a graphic designer to use this function , we will do that without a setup charge, the very minimum we need is a picture, or a johnny aged 5 sketch of what you would like, the best would be a vector design of the logo/design thats required. But we accept everything inbetween. if you have 2/34 images you would like to mash up, send these to and quote your order number after purchase,