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no1dresshireOur court mounting medal service includes cleaning, new ribbons, and brooch bar. They are then polished your medals, adding brand new ribbons and the backing which is made from double thickness Buckram. The medals and ribbons are then placed around the buckram backing and the brooch bar stitched on and medals stitched down using aircraft grade wire giving a clean professional finish.

Mounting the medals are always completed to the highest standard and fully comply with Military, Services and Civilian regulations.

Please note that we will only mount official issued medals and that we will only mount them in the correct order. As it is our professional reputation.

Court Mounting, also known as Court Style medals are backed with buckram and secured around the neck of the medal to stop them "jingly jangling around" the advantage of having your medals court mounted means that they don’t get damaged by medals banging into each other when they are being worn to a function or marching. Brand new ribbons and a Buckram backing board and look fantastic. (No cornflake packet, glue and sticky tape here !) These all come with brooch bars ready to wear. We recommend this option for all medal sets.

These services are available for both miniature and full size medals and with years of experience in tailoring military medals you can be assured these are done professionally.

Please allow additional time for medals to be cleaned and dipped, re-ribboned and Court Mounted. We can send the old ribbons back with your tailored medals (if required) and would request that no boxes are sent with medals to us to keep return postage costs down.

Please contact us for further details and timescales to mount medal sets. Discounts for multiple medal sets.

no1dresshireQuestions and Answers -

Q - I have 3 medals already mounted and need another adding ?

A - Medals cannot be added on to an existing set as a new larger backing and wider brooch bar need to be made and added.

Q - Can Commemorative Medals be court mounted with issued medals ?

A - No only issued medals can be court mount together and unofficial medals can be mounted separately and should be worn on the right side or beneath issued medals.

Q - What does Court Mounted mean ?

A - Court Mounting originates from Queen Victoria’s reign when serving members of the armed forces wore full size medals in her attendance (in Court) and was requested to have the medals sewn down onto a backing to prevent them from Jingly Jangling around.

Q - Who can wear Court Mounted medals ?

A - Court Mounting is traditionally linked to the Guards on public duties and members of court. However Dress regulations for the Army state ‘medals must be court mounted at private expense’.

Many Royal Navy Units including Royal Marines only wear Swing Mounted. But can wear Court Mounted. If no longer serving to prevent damage, we recommend they are court mounted.

Q - What difference does it make if the medals are sewn on or glued and sticky taped on ?

A - Our medals (and any professional medal specialists) only stitch medals, inline with regulations, the method can vary. It is a very secure method. Medals that are attached by using sticky tape or glue overtime will dry out and the medals will move or fall off.

Q - Why do Full Size Replacement medals have "copy" in tiny letters on the reverse ?

A - The law is that all full size medals that are not original should have this on the reverse to prevent fraud and duplicate medals.

Q - Can the Malaysia Pingat Jasa Malaysia be worn with medals ?

A - Yes the following medals have had permission from H M The Queen to wear, Malaysia PJM. This medal including others can now been worn as campaign medals and as such follow that order. It is no longer a foreign award. Please ask for advise

Q - What is Buckram ?

A - Buckram is a hessian woven backing that is an extremely stiff material.

Please call us for timelines and availability. Our alternatively please send your medals, with an enclosed note, recorded and insured post to:

Hanger 39 39 Osborne St Colchester Essex Co2 7db

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