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This Military Tentage hire service is unique to Hanger39

Located in Colchester, Essex we are perfectly located for your military tentage needs.

We have a small premium selection of British Military tentage available for your needs. As you can see by the pictures they are very versatile.

These can be used for many applications, and prove popular for the tv and film industry.

The 12ft x 12ft tent can be made up into many combinations. including the following:24ftx12ft, 36ftx12ft and so on. Thes can also be connected with corridor tent sections, to alow for a multiple tent setup ideal for a operations room or a field hospital setup.

The same for the 18ftx24ft, combinations available in this style is 18ftx12ft, 18ftx36ft etc.

lots of other items are available including vehciles and uniforms.

Q. What is available for hire?

A. We have the following to hire:

a. British Military 12ft x 12ft Command tent.

b. British Military 18ft x 24ft tent

c. British Military 6ft Tables

Q. How much does this cost?

A. Prices on enquiry.

Q. Where is the hire service based?

A. We are currently based in Colchester, Essex. Please dont hesitate to contact us for further details.

Please tell a friend or colleague about this service:

* - Terms and conditions apply, written details available on request. Contract/Agreement is to be signed prior to collection along with full payment and deposit.

12 x 12

Fig a. British Military 12ft x 12ft tent. The tent is set up as a canteen, with both doors fully open. As you can see the window blackout flaps are rolled up.

12 x 12 closed

Fig b. A British Military 12ft x 12ft tent fully closed and secured. Note the black out windows on the side.

12 x 12 door

Fig c. A British Military 12ft x 12ft tent with the front door open.

18 x 24

Fig d. Above is a picture of an 18ft x 24ft British Military Tent. You can see that this tent is huge, and easily will hold upto 30 people. Ideal for a small garden party.

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