the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

"the sustainability of economic growth"

avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

"the pursuit of global environmental sustainability"


Our Promise

Hanger 39 continually reinforce our commitment to sustainability; a commitment that we believe makes just as much sense from a business perspective as it does from an ethical one.


We are proud to say we are now paperless instore, we have redused paper use by 70 per cent. All receipts, invoices, stock control, marketing is digital in format.

n addition to procurement activities, there are a variety of online document management systems available. The best options offer the ability to manage different types of data:  emails, contracts, logos, reports, forms, drawings, web pages, blogs, etc.   So yes, going paperless is sustainable.  Becoming a paperless office can be part of a sustainability plan or be an independent environmental action taken to reduce the business' carbon footprint.  Take the Paperless Challenge!  For strategies and tips to becoming a paperless office

Single Use Carrier Bag Charge

Like the majority of retailers, we charge 5p for single use plastic carrier bags across all our shops.  These pieces of legislation fit well alongside our wider work to promote the use of reusable bags, encourage sustainability and cut down on waste and litter.   More specific information and legislation details can be found at, and on

Packaging & Recycling

The impact of packaging on the environment is something we all care about.  At H39 cutting down on our use of plastic has been a focus for us and we've reduced our packaging by nearly 
40 per cent since 2010.  In addition 70% per cent of all paper / card waste is shredded and reused as packaging, within all out deliveries.

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