We Buy Militaria

We buy all military items, antique militaria, and collectables with a military connection.

We buy any type of militaria, large collections or single items, absolute discretion is assured and we will travel within the U.K. to view. Commission sales are also undertaken.

We specialise in medals, ceremonial accoutrements, vintage formal military uniforms, bearskins, regimental drums, penants, flags, swords, daggers, and cap badges.

We have purchased, british army landrovers, springer atv, quad bike, ferret armoured cars, bearskins, ceremonial sashes, marching band equipment, household division trooper helmets, no1 dress uniforms, forage caps, Scottish feather bonnets, kilts, doublets, tunics, ww1 & ww2 paraphernalia.

As with everything there is things we don’t buy. These are listed below.


We do not, under any circumstances purchase, or deal in, but not limited to current / in service/ British weapon system working parts, cbrn, or ballistics.  Including but not restricted to.  Helmets, plates, respirators, live munitions.

Certain items may be scrutinized further or turned down completely if we suspect the items were not obtained legally or do not belong to the seller. Hanger 39 does not participate in illicit activities, including the sale of stolen property. We will work closely with local and military agencies, and cooperate fully in all investigations to the best of our ability.

We reserve the right to ask for photo identification and invite the seller to complete a form stating, who they are and what they are selling.

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