“We Cant help everyone, But...  everyone can help someone." Dr Loretta Scott

As part of our role within the military community we are often tasked with either donating or helping raise income for the charitable purposes.  Our Board must act in the best interests of our company when deciding to accept or refuse an invitation for donation or sponsorship. We wish to uphold the highest standard of fundraising practice and to abide by the Fundraising Regulator’s key principles and behaviours of a fundraising organisation: to be legal, open, honest and respectful. 

Each year, we are asked to donate or sponsor an increasing amount of charities. Although we wish to donate to as many as much as possible, im afraid it’s simply not possible.

This policy sets out the principles and approach we take to considering donations and sponsorship acceptance.

As we are a veteran owned company we wish to apply this to our policy. 

To that end we, at this time can only accept applications, to benefit British military Charities. 

Examples of such charities are below, but are of course not exhaustive.