Embroidered Badge & Woven badge manufacturer

Why Embroidery?

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide between print and embroidery. But ultimately it's about what kind of finish you are after. Embroidery looks very different to print as its thread that is slightly raised. It creates a proffesional finish that has a texture. Embroidery is best for small logos or designs with detail. Our machines can achieve perfect detailed logos. It's ideal for crests or military logos and even individual names. 


Our super skilled team and several head embroidery machines mean we have a super fast turnaround. Even on large orders we can create your garments in just a few days. You might think that a detailed design will take days but in fact it can be achieved in a matter of hours. 


Embroidery is where we began 10 years ago and it's still super popular. Over the years we have mastered this tricky art and trained all of our team to produce high quality work every time. We pride ourselves on our embroidery quality so you know you are in good hands. We are always keeping ourselves up to date with the latest tech and improving our processes.

What the difference between Woven & Embroidery?

The advantage of a woven badge over against an embroidered badge is that you can fit in a lot more detail within a woven patch.  This applies especially where there is smaller lettering and intricate detail in the design.  The difference price wise between either option is woven is more cost effective  where larger quantities are.  On a woven patch you can see there is a sharper definition of the design as compared with embroidery. Both are machine made and both have their own appeal depending on the application.  Embroidered badges have that raised feel which tends to be regarded as more traditional artform.

The other difference technical between woven and embroidered is that finer threads are used in the weaving process whilst thicker threads are used on embroidery machines.  Their are closer matches available to pantone colours, probably more so with weaving than embroidery, however, in any case colour matching can be alot more accurate than traditional embroidery.