Colour Profiling - Printed Products

Colour profiling is important, its important to us and its important to you, our customer.

We design, make and print  a few products in our workshop.  Although this covers all products, this Section is very specific to, towels / Rugs / Flags and products that may depict, regiments and cap badges, and or other items that may already have laid down specifications of size, material, colours, orientation and if multi coloured have ratios of colours depicted.

Its important to note, that even through they depict military units,  they are a visual representation of regimental / company colours, and not an exact historical copy of such.  we do not make to exact pantone colour profiles, these are made using a permanent printing process and cannot achieve a pantone perfect result, we will always want to be close. but we only imply a visual representation (e.g a regimental colour might be known as a mid navy blue, and we will use a slightly lighter brighter blue instead)
Dark colours will always come out lighter and brighter. This is intentional.   We do this to ensure our product pops and stands out. 

Generally, military / organisations have a specific size and material specifications,  but due to price, size, materials and printing process we use we cant achieve this at the price point we offer these products at. 

An example of this (flags) :

1. Our max print capability is 120cm x 100cm however a typical flag is what's know as a 4 yarder approx 366cm x 183cm. so we wouldnt be able to print the official designated width of a stripe on a Royal Engineers Flag. 

2. A correct flag, is of woven wool 155 g/sqm construction, sewn, shows the same image in the same orientation, on both sides.  Our flags are printed onto polyester fabric, the reverse, depicts a slightly lighter, bleed through a direct mirror image to the main side.

Artwork seen in all product pictures shown, is the actual artwork used for the printing just shrunk down and digitally compress for best viewing through a digital process.

We are in the process of adding examples of our products to each listing although this is taking considerable time. please see socials for examples of our previous work. 
Viewing colours through mobile phones differ that of a laptop / desktop. Additional Compression of images by sales platforms alter image colour perception, unless your device is calibrated to the specific colour profile of the print image.

To that end we can only imply a visual representation of the product, even though it is the same artwork as in the listing. 

By purchasing the product you agree to our terms and conditions, it is therefore implied by purchasing you have inspected the artwork on the listing and approved the product artwork, by the action of adding this to your basket and continuing after reviewing to the final checkout process.

There is no proofing process in place for products designs by us, the proofing process is only used for new original designs.