Medal Mounting


'Court Mounted' is where the ribbon appears down the rear of the medal and is mounted to a harder backing. The medals are then secured to this backing to prevent movement and so dramatically reduces the chance of damage to the medals when worn and improves the overall appearance of the medals.

This is also the MOD approved method of wear. 

We also recommend mount medals in the “court” style and at this time, we cannot offer other forms of mounting. 

Some Quick Q&A

  • Yes we sell and mount medals , if you cant see what your looking for please email us.
  • Please do not send any of the medal presentation boxes, these are not required, and may not be sent back to you due to the volume of medals we mount.
  • Medals will be cleaned, ribbons will be changed and all your medals will be remounted on the appropriate medal brooch bar.
  • We will only mount official medals, authorised for wear with other authorised medals, we will not mount commemorative based medals.
  • False Representation - Although we will not ask for service details, please be respectful  and only ask us to mount what your entitled to wear.
  • We will only mount medals in the correct manner, the regulations change consistently changing order, authorisation to wear and criteria's.
  • We have over 12 years of medal mounting and tailoring
  • For pictures of our work please checkout or social media platforms

Its easy to book your medals or tailoring in to get work done, just email us and we will give you our workshop address to drop your medals. 

We are located near Towards the rear of Merville barracks, Friday Woods in Colchester.

Sadly we do not have resources to staff a full time trade counter so we are operating by appointment at the moment. 

You can book your work in online, just click here

We are no longer a store front open for public access.