Engraved Personalised Glass Square Brandy / Port Decanter

Engraved Personalised Glass Square Brandy / Port Decanter

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  • PUCH 750ML
  • Engraved to order by us,
  • Please input text & design you require
  • Other styles and logos available
  • does not include a gift box or base. 
  • Trade Enquiries Welcome
  • We are licensed to engrave military crests and insignia by the MOD
  • Special request? Contact us: sales@hanger39.co.uk

Spirits/Liquor You Put In A Decanter

Max Timescale In Decanter


Up To 1 Year In A Lead-Free Decanter That Is Kept Away From Sunlight And Additional Heat Sources


***Important*** The Timescales in the table are based on your spirits/liquor, check with bottle and brewery.

The Spirits/Liquor You Put In A Decanter & Why We Do It

Technically speaking, you can put any spirit/liquor into a Decanter. The reason we put spirits/liquor into a decanter is for presentation or aesthetic purposes.  Unlike wine there is no practical reason to decant spirits/liquors, they do not need to be aired and there is no sediment that needs to be separated from the drink.  We decant Spirits/liquor because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye when presented in a decanter.

The presentation of spirits/liquor in a decanter comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to have their favourite whiskey or bourbon in a decanter when they have friends over for presentation purposes or they prefer to have it in a decanter as it adds a little more sophistication to their own drinking experience.