Royal Marines Commando Fighting Knife / Dagger (fairbairn Sykes Replica)

Royal Marines Commando Fighting Knife / Dagger (fairbairn Sykes Replica)

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• British Army Royal Marine Commando Style
• Blade length: 17cm
• Overall length : 28cm  
• Based on the Fairbairn Sykes knife of WW2

*Please note this is in no way the quality of a fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife, We recommend this is used engraved as a presentation


  • Free Engraving with all Knives & Tools purchased.
  • See Picture for example video & pictures
  • Limited to 25 Characters, (Approx 4mm high x 35mm Wide, maybe be adjusted to fit design of blade).
  • Contrast Engraving, lighter on darker blades, Darker on lighter blades.
  • Right side of blade if Possible (We need an area clean, flat with space to engrave without existing branding). We may use other side.
  • Add your text in the box provided. (we use a filled contemporary Arial bold font)
  • Returns - Please note if you accept this free engraving option, your warranty (if the knife comes with one, isn’t affected) but it will invalidate any returns, unless a error on engraving has been made by us.
  • Bespoke Engraving: We can also engrave logos, cap badges etc at additional cost please. Contact us for a competitive price.